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Re: Photos of pastel collections

I've seen some of your beautiful work Richard so I can totally understand you wanting to stay in the studio with all your pastels!

I have a real passion for national parks - my spiritual well-being seems to be dependent on that time spent outside. I have to admit, I get a kick out of some of the people that stop to visit too. Last time I was at Sunrise I talked with a group of 8 20-somethings who decided to fly out from New York (!) for a 4 day weekend (oh, to be young and that carefree). They thought I was "interesting" and videoed me for their vlog and asked all kinds of amusing questions and were SO upbeat. And I had a LONG conversation about climate change and the glory of American national parks with a couple from Sweden who travel to the US every other year just to spend time touring in the parks. Then...the couple from Alabama in their rented motorhome who were less concerned with the scenery than whether I knew where they could empty their septic tank (I didn't, but thoughts of Cousin Eddie in Christmas Vacation came to mind). And all that time, there was a massive thunderstorm off to the South booming away and slowly edging closer. It was my favorite day of the whole Summer when all was said and done!

My BA was in anthropology - maybe I am an anthropologist who uses art to meet people from around the world?

My pastels stay fairly clean because I am probably annoyingly OCD about that and wipe them off usually if they get noticeably dirty. Pastels as a medium kind of go against my "don't get my hands dirty" natural inclinations! I'm a weirdo and I DO go through a lot of handiwipes when working plein air.
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