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Re: Photos of pastel collections

Wow, this is a very detailed post, thank you for sharing! This is just the kind of thing I'm looking for here on WC, some details about how others store, work, sell, buy, all that stuff. I find it fascinating. Those are beautiful photos and your sets are so nice and clean and organized! Amazing. Nice collection of quality stuff!

Yeah, the pochade boxes are great, especially for those who like to work plein aire, but I prefer to work in a studio with no distractions. I like the idea of getting out and seeing the subject first hand, right there in the great outdoors, but setting up and taking down and the wind and possible rain around here in the PNW, I just don't see how it's worth it. Besides, you've now seen my collection, how would I bring all that with me??? No, I prefer to work inside where it's warm, predictable, and comfortable.

In answer to your question about choosing my pastels, I will normally sit down to do a painting and block it in with hard pastels, then do a quick underpainting with alcohol. While that dries for about 10 min, I take my small working tray and put the pastels back that I used on my last painting and choose the dozen or so sticks for the current painting. By the time I get them ready, the underpainting is usually dry, so I'm ready to begin. I will sometimes need to add a few sticks as I go along, but I usually work with about 20 to 25 total per painting. I work large, usually, and I layer a lot and do a lot of blending in on the first few layers, then lighten up and soften up as I finish. I do go through sticks, and I have my favorite go-to colors, so I have bought more of those open stock over the years, so I do use up pastels and need to replace them as needed. And YES, I do use all the pastels in the collection. I go back and forth, using more Unisons, Terry Ludwigs, and lately a lot of Rembrandts when it suits a certain subject. I recently did two landscapes and used nothing but Rembrandts on both. I do a lot of painting, even though I work full time. I tend to spend Sunday afternoons at my easel, and then some evenings during the week when I get the chance. I had a few days off last week for the holidays and I did seven paintings during that time, and framed them all. It was marvelous! My plan is to do a lot of painting when I retire, so I'm gearing up for that, even though it's still a few years away. So my collection grows a bit and gets refined along the way, and it is sure fun!
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