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Re: Photos of pastel collections

I am coming to pastels via color pencil and graphite -- I have this set which belonged to my mother. It is from the 1930s -- not very good to begin with, but if you even look at them now they crumble! Have just sold some of my pencils to buy an 80 count set of Sennelier half soft pastels. Should arrive tomorrow -- CANNOT WAIT!

AND re Richard's collection --
marvellous, absolutely marvellous BUT those are Hamilton typecases -- I once had 128 of them filled with wonderful lead typefaces until I had to sell the whole collection including presses, a guillotine, etc. to pay the taxes. One of the saddest days of my life -- it was a collection made over a 30 year period.

That's me -- the fp is Fairfax Press.

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