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Re: Prismatoid's sketches - watch me grow

Life drawing birds at the museum today!
...Except they're technically dead, but "dead/stuffed drawing" doesn't have the same ring.

I do NOT LIKE drawing in public. I particularly do NOT LIKE drawing in a crowded room while being shoved around by school-groups of rowdy children and I particularly DO NOT LIKE the way you become part of the entertainment. People sticking their heads in my face to see my drawing, people creeping behind me with their phones to snap sneaky pics over my shoulder, and for some reason Chinese tourists specifically think they're allowed to grab the book right out of my hands! I HATE ALL THOSE PEOPLE AAAARRRR.

Last week I drew insects here. I did only 3 pages and they weren't very good. I was freaked out by the people who kept pushing me and getting in my face to see what I was doing, I stopped drawing and hid the book against me every time someone got near me and I was just too distracted and anxious. This time I went in with an irritated attitude before I even started and I think my simmering rage gave me the strength to persevere through the rudeness.

But there are SO MANY BIRDS IN THERE. I did 4 pages of drawings and that was only 2 of the display cases. 4 pages on a "field trip" is a new personal record. Next time I must try for 5 pages.

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