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Re: Transferring from community college... how's my portfolio look?

If you can even get an MFA in computer illustration, you will have more job prospects than just getting a BFA. The BFA can be from anywhere. The work you should be doing is what you said, working on your own voice, and getting a body of work. You can do that on your own, obviously.

The MFA will allow you to teach art at a community college/college. It is a terminal degree, which is even better. That can be about 30-40k per year (in fly-over states). I believe once you have 16? to 18 hours in a Master's program, you are hireable as a teacher, so you do not even need to finish school. I am saying this because as a college student you may have a large debt to pay off, and you also need to live and get more art supplies and do the things that professionals do.
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