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Re: Composition - Notes for the Advanced Artist

I have significantly reorganized, updated and supplemented my art notes.
Here is a summary of the topics currently posted:





Plein Air Painting Concepts and Techniques

Vision and Light

Select California Plein Air Painting Locations

Dan McCaw on Painting, Creativity and Design

Elio Camacho Showcasing Color en Plein Air

Henry Yanís Colorful Figure Painting Process

John Singer Sargent's Painting Techniques

Jove Wang Emphasizing Instinct and Feeling

Mike Svobís Red Hot Painting Techniques

Nathan Fowkes on Color, Drawing, Composition and Watercolor

Nicolai Fechinís Painting Technique

Ovanes Berberian: Color, Paint Quality, Brushwork and Technique

Painting: A "Book" by Caroline Anderson

Robert Johnson and Betty Carr: Floral Still Life Painting

Sergei Bongart On Art and Painting

Steve Huston: Managing the Painting Process

Vadim Zang: Impressionist Drawing and Painting