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Re: Composition - Notes for the Advanced Artist

Iím afraid I donít have any great insights, but Iíll share my personal approach.
When it comes to considering whether or not to paint vertically or horizontally Ė Most buyers prefer horizontal so I tend towards horizontal formats. However, when Iím feeling creative, I lean towards whichever format is least obvious because it forces me to be more creative.
When it comes to proportions, I limit my choices to 8x10, 10x12, 12x16 and 16x20. This is purely a practical consideration. My 12Ē wide carrier holds both 10x12 and 12x16, etc. Also, this makes frames more interchangeable and frames for these sizes can be purchased more cheaply than a custom size frame. Finally, I typically paint both plein air and studio paintings on Ramar canvas mounted on board and often compose studio paintings with the aid of Photoshop so it helps to have a consistent format.
Hope this is useful.