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Re: Calligraphy Online Tutorials

Good to see that you have got cracking on this one, Marie.

Earlier this year, I found that when I scanned and I selected 800dpi as the resolution, it took a while but gave a great image. Then in my photo graphics program I resized it down to 800 on the larger dimension and used that for my download. It now seems to give a much cleaner image for my post.

Your letter n is coming too far through the baseline, making it look too lomg. Have another look at my example.

You seem to have a tendency to back-tilt in this piece. Try this trick --- push away the bottom righthand corner of your paper (because you are right-handed) just a little bit so that the paper is only just on a tilt. With your same sitting attitude and penhold, this will want to make your writing have a forward slope. But here it tends to neutralise things and merely helps to overcome a backward slope !!

The first e and the second c are both nicely upright with the b ottom point and top in good alignment You entries and exits are good --- look at that beautiful letter i to see what I mean.

I'd like you to do these for me again because they are rather vital in these very first stages.

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