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Re: Calligraphy Online Tutorials

What a wonderful reason to rejoice and a fabulous manner in which to do it! So glad your friend has received the all-clear and I pray that she will continue to heal and grow strong!

Feel free to shoot me a private message and critique away! I can see PLENTY of issues that need work, but I may not see what YOU see!

(Honestly, I don't mind at all if you critique right here because others can learn from what I am doing wrong--just don't want to completely hijack this thread)

Originally Posted by dgford
Hi Kim
Isn't it a grand feeling just to kick over the traces and experience some freedom now and then !

Every other Friday morning a 50yr-old friend and I go out into the wild bushland here in our district and set up our easels. She gets into semi-abstract with charcoal, pastels, conte and / or watercolours whereas I slap around watercolours with large brushes on big sheets of Rough 300gsm paper in a much more naturalistic style. It has been an especial therapy for her but last week she got the all-clear on the final tests from her mastectomy so this time it was exhilaration, not just therapy.

She is a very gifted calligrapher but this plein air was something I talked her into doing as a diversion from things --- now she is doing work that I am envying !!! Isn't it wonderful to have a earlier student excelling beyond the mentor ??? !!! I am going to have to strive harder.

There is a lovely freedom that has overlfowed beautifully in some of your letters --- but a few others that I am dying to get at after the Batarde lessons have been tucked away !!!

The Constant Scribe
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