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Re: Why Gouache? Benefits? Why do you like it?

thanks david,

back to why gouache is an outstanding medium for fine art. i spoke to robert doark, a paint maker in ny. he spent a lot of time talking about his paints and various mediums, a lot of which i never heard of. he sells a liquid pigment blend used for watercolor and a white medium to turn them into gouache. he also told me that he had another substance that is wax-like that if added to the gouache will render them into an acrylic like paint; they become waterproof and can be used like oils. i told him that glass was too expensive for the size of my work and he said he has another substance that when applied heavily becomes glass-like, excluding the need for glass. i think it's called b67, but i'm not sure.

i ordered 3 liquid colors, approximating primaries, and the waxy stuff that makes them waterproof and a white. i'll let you know what they're like when they get here. it would be worth your time to call him. he's a bit brusque but very generous with his time. he'll tell you that whatever you're using is garbage and that his stuff (he has his own watercolor paper at $40.00 a sheet) is the only stuff worth buying. but he'll explain why and is pretty convincing. his number is 718-237-1210 or 718-237-0146. he also has his own brushes, i think they're large fresco brushes that he used for gigantic w/c paintings. actually, it seems like whatever you need, he has it and it is the best on the planet. he's not exactly humble, but he knows chemistry, color theory and just about everything. i read a review by him of graham oils and he said they were great, so he may be overstating his abilities. on the phone he said they were pretty bad.

i apologize for putting so much personal stuff on this thread, but know about pms now. thanks for your patience and generosity of spirit.

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