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Re: composiition scape study ... s

1,3,2 would be my order.

I love the dark moodiness of 1. It calls to mind both the local Adirondack lakes and their islands and also the islands of coastal Maine.

3. Calls to mind an autumn forest as Claude says.

2. Is an uneasy sort of halfway between representational and abstract. It is a landscape, but not compositionally sound to my eye. Also the color balance seems off. I think it could be saved by reworking it and pushing either the abstraction of the representationalism harder. I like the bottom third and the play of yellow against the blue-grey in the middle. The orange red patch at center right adds a nice touch of drama against the darks. Overall I think it is the middle third that is the weakest and need most reworking. The top third reads as a bit of a cliched sky, but with just a little adjustment would serve.

I hope some of this is helpful. I recently started playing with abstracts and it is harder than I thought I would be to get good results.
"Let the paint be paint" --John Marin
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