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Re: Who are some of the best youtubers to search?

Originally Posted by HaintBlue
Michael James Smith.

A second-generation professional landscape painter. Maybe his stuff is high kitsch, but he can really paint, and he really thinks about how to intelligently demonstrate and instruct, and he doesn't hide all his secrets (if he has any to hide), like almost all others do.

Re the advice to "get a book," I have to say that in the past six months, I have looked at, and read to the extent I could stand to, somewhere between forty and fifty books on How to Oil Paint and have yet to find one that was fit to wipe myself with. Whatever their actual goal is, it surely isn't to teach painting. There are so many fundamental things they overlook or conceal or otherwise obfuscate that I doubt their sincerely of purpose, to put it kindly. I've thrown many at the wall as hard as I could in a fit of rage.

The thing about Youtube videos is that you can actually witness the important things the painter is doing, even if they don't occur to him to explain.

If all that goes by him in a book, you're sunk.

I'll look at some of those other Youtube guys recommended.

Thanks for the link!


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