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Use to denote nudity/mature subject matter Re: What are you listening to . . . (reprise)

Hi Chris

As some perceptive souls may have noticed by now, answering threads in chronological order is not one of my talents

I love exploring WetCanvas in the same way as I go through life - randomly following 'leads' highlighted by the most intriguing and funny co-incidences that have always led me to the most extraordinary people and made my life one big adventure - and one that is not slowing down now I'm 64 - in fact it appears to be accelerating, and soon, something will happen to cause me to quite suddenly disappear!

Socially, that is, both online and in real life, as I am known to just take off and hide away on retreat for weeks, without telling anyone but my Love and my DD where I am. This allows me to be creative, write, and enjoy the blissful ecstasy of being alone with nature...

So there I was, trying to find the last bloomin' page on this thread, and my Mac took me to a page from back in 2017, and right in the middle of the screen, I found this:

Originally Posted by caldwell.brobeck
I've gotten a Spotify account now, so I'm getting to explore all kinds of music that's hard to obtain here.

Currently I think the most played are some old favourites:
Lale Andersen - (Spotify) (
Her best known recording is probably Lili Marleen, but there are somelovely tunes on this, like Unter einem Regenshirm am Abend (Under an Umbrella in the Evening), and Und wieder geht ein schöner tag zu ende (And another beautiful day comes to an end).

And then there's Zarah Leander, particularly Kann denn Liebe Sünde Sein? (Can Love be a Sin?) (Youtube film clip) (Spotify)

And of course, there's Marlene Dietrich. (Spotify)I think my favourite is Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuß auf Liebe eingestellt (recorded in English as Falling in Love Again (Youtube film clip from the English version of The Blue Angel), but the German version is much better). The Spotify version above sounds like it may have been taken off the Blue Angel soundtrack. A slightly cleaned up version is on Youtube


...Well, that was another lovely co-incidence, as I had just got up from second sleep, and was playing with my pup going down the stairs to the front room, and had just started to speak to her in German for the first time. I'm learning the language in order to speak in person to descendents of the Blüchers who live in Europe as I'm doing post-grad studies on that fascinating family.

I'm also learning how to speak French too. I can read basic French, but can only speak it when I'm drunk....and now I don't like alcohol anymore I need to be able to converse with French speakers without saying this very useful phrase that a lovely alcoholic Breton Friend, Émile, then living in Sark once taught me to use in any bar when wanting to converse with "The French": "Je parle seulement le Francaise quand je suis soûl!"

He was one of the only Breton friends I know who actually admitted to knowing how to speak French at all, but it always cost them a packet to get him to the required state of being "soûl" as he really knew how to hold his liquour!

That simple phrase works a treat, believe me, especially if you're broke and gasping for a pint, and hear some French being spoken in any bar! ....Even if you have to learn to say it phoenetically because you don't actually speak French at all! That's because by the time you're all sozzled, the French don't give a damn whether you speak their language or not - they just adore great high-level conversation and by the second (or tenth according to region of birth) glass of wine their inhibitions will have dropped sufficiently to allow them to show off their invariably excellent English anyway!

OK, Chris, as you'll also have noticed, I'm terrible at keeping on topic too, but I am learning a modicum of self-awareness about when I'm will not talk about Russian, Arabic, or Mandarin Chinese, which I'm longing to do, as I'm sure that someone will raise those topics in future....

Back to German, which I have a deep fascination for, along with a less-than angelic fascination for the German-Speaking Prussian Officers who were stationed in our islands during Hitler's "Model Occupation"...once again, another story...

But I think the one about one of my 'spiritual, though not actual, step children - because I hate what the unnatural institution of marriage turns two lovely people into - all of whom I adore, is on topic.

She's a very talented Burlesque Dancer who has just moved to Berlin to work, and I'm soon going to set up a Pinterest page to promote her, as far as their rules on nudity will allow, of course

I think that the men here, and some of the women to, as she's proudly bisexual, won't object if I put a photo up of her wearing her everyday clothes when in England. She also has a razor sharp mind, a fabulous sense of humour, is a model too, and will one day be a great film maker.....and I'm so glad that she decided to keep that delicious gap between her teeth!

Here she is in the everyday 1940's clothes that she wears in Lancashire (now, sadly, Cheshire) when she's staying at home with Dad (my Belovèd).

And the one below is a necessarily muted one of her in her work clothes...before she takes them off, of course, as Burlesque artists must do to earn that title

I'm still trying to find out what the rules are on WC regarding censorship, and am working in the dark until someone enlightens me, so please, please will someone hear my pleas and just tell me where I can find a copy of the rules of posting in this regard!

I only break rules when they make no sense to me, or, as a social anthropologist, if I am immersing myself in a foreign culture, as I certainly am here on WetCanvas because although I feel perfectly comfortable with Canadians, Australians, Kiwis, Indians and all the lovely people from elsewhere (apart from Les Anglaises South of Watford and east of Devon, of course ) it is you Americans who utterly fascinate me, but I am far from understanding your culture, even after years of study! But when in Rome, etc.

And, as a foreign visitor to a site owned by American business people who have to make a profit in order to survive, who am I to complain about having to watch my language and try not to frighten the horses!

But back to my actual response to your post, Chris

I absolutely adore Marlene Dietrich, and especially when she sings in German, so I thank you for your post way back then, and I'll enjoy listening to the recommendations you made that I'd never heard of, along with Tipo's choices later on today.

And in return, I will give you one of my favourite songs by Suzanne Vega. I think of it as a perfect expression of the frustration caused when we try to force emotions into words, but could also apply to the same feelings when trying to speak to someone obviously fascinating whose language you don't speak... happened to me lately, just before I fell ill, and on my last visit to Sark, with the lovely Yuko, a young Japanese Star Gazer who came all the way to Sark (the world's first "Dark Sky Island") from Japan, just to look at the stars in conditions of minimal light pollution

We met, briefly, on the boat back to Guernsey, and immediately made friends thanks to her few words of English. We promised to meet again on Sark in the Summer, and exchanged email addresses, but I now have to find a way to translate my messages into Japanese before contacting her!

Cheerie faw now,

Until we meet again, in Cyberspace or The Islands, in Fair or Stormy Weather

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