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More, please....soon......quit reading and get to drawing!

Actually most of my time right now is taken up with my son's bar mitzvah...but I have managed to start a new cp drawing...totally different...a still life...but since each piece takes me between 40-50 hours to complete, it might be a while till you see it!

Quote:'re going to teach us to do this, right?

Well I'll show you the techniques to achieve this, but after that it's up to you! Looking forward to meeting Vivi and seeing you and your dad again...say hi for me.

Heard a rumor you've been seen working with a brush.......... not our CP moderator !!!!
By the way - where is Darryll??

No, not at was a faked photo!

Darrell is afk (away from keyboard) this week...and I think he mentioned something about heading to the coast...not sure. Either that or he's working furiously on some new animal paintings!