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Use to denote nudity/mature subject matter Re: May/ June D+S challenge

Hi Talisman, I hope you have had a good holiday, I can't wait to see your new work.
I'm sure the holidays gave you the right energy to do some beautiful works.

I tried to do something for May / June D + S challenge.
Above all this, made a copy, a study of a drawing.

I hope that the chosen subject, that my attempt respects the requested subject input of May / June D + S challenge. (and that is fine despite nudity),
I was undecided whether to try a photo of a building, a structure, or maybe a landscape or a figure
Then I decided to look for a figure and I found some drawings and I chose this one. I used a black colored pencil. Album c4 canson (a4 format, smooth)
I tried to copy and study this drawing. The Artist is Barcsay (I liked his drawings so I would like to look for other works and try again in the future)
C&C always welcome (attending the forum I realize a lot more of my mistakes (but only after I send them in case) but understanding them by myself is not easy, maybe I should obscure arm, proportions are perhaps wrong but I don't know, C&C are very appreciated.

In any case, I sincerely thank you for having read and seen.
And thanks for this post and for the previous ones for the beautiful drawings you posted.

The second photo, on the other hand, is something I did last week, I thought I'd make a sketch
, scketching, of a live object., I was testing from a bottle and then from a small screwdriver
Sending links with reference

a greeting to all, thanks for seeing it
C & C welcome

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