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Re: Sketch Book Reviews

How come all the really great, heavy paper that can take a lot of water media only comes WIRE BOUND??? This drives me insane. I hate wire bindings. I've found a couple of stitch bound books that will do, but none that I'm really crazy about. Here's my take on some of the stitch bound candidates:
  • Moleskine Sketchbook --- Heavy weight, but repels watercolor a bit and it beads up. Very nice with ink, gouache, colored pencil.
  • Moleskine Watercolor Book --- Paper isn't quite heavy enough, nice with ink and light watercolors, but the perforated pages are a deal breaker for me. Why have a stitch bound book if you want to remove pages? Those who use stitched bindings do so to insure their work will stay together as a volume, and the perforations make that less likely.
  • Fabriano Venezia (not to be confused with the flimsy paper in the other Fabriano books) --- Great paper, my favorite so far, very slight wrinkling with water media, wonderful with pen and ink, but doesn't like to stay all the way open like a Moleskine will do.
  • Fabriano Classic Artist's Journal --- Texture is disturbing to me, paper is too thin and feels flimsy. Okay for pencil drawings, some ink and light wash. Paper does wrinkle and you can see through to reverse side.
  • Hand Book Journal --- Not good with fountain pens (they catch and skip), but nice for drawing and a little watercolor. (Doesn't seem to be sized very well for watercolor work, which greatly affects color brilliance.)
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