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Re: Clearwater eve

Originally Posted by candienjames
I am strongly considering your highlights on the posts idea. There is actually a pelican in the painting, it's kind of hidden, on top of the post to the left of center. The sun is infact not round but in the refrence photo the sun is so bright that fog doesnt show. I am not at home so I cant upload the refrence
My comments are only 'ideas' for you to consider.
All art depends on the creator (artist), as to what YOU want to do and accomplish/portray with your work.
It would be nice to see the pelican stand out a little. As the sun is still raised in the sky, it probably wouldn't be out of the question to have a little light from the sun on the sun side of his feet, head, back.
Since you are working from a photo, maybe look closely and see if you can see these things.
Sometimes a photo is not the best to copy from, in so much that in a photo we can accept things that are slightly askew or not as they normally appear - but in an artwork, we can't. Your artwork has to show the whole story and not leave people guessing, as people won't be saying - yes that's how it is in the photo - because they won't get to see the photo. So always beware of following a photo what you might think of as being 'exact'.
I think you should be well pleased with this work overall.
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