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Hot Hot Hot!!!

i have got to watch the weather forecast more closely. after weeks of inlaws, remodeling, painting, moving kids to college, i found myself with a free weekend with nothing to do. so i decided to fire up the studio and blow some glass. well i did fire it up and i did blow some glass, but boy was it hot. we had a warm front move in on friday, so on saturday and sunday it was in the mid 80's outside. that does not seem that warm, but when the cool air you are bringing into the studio is at 80, it does not cool things down very much. by the end of the blowing session, it was about 120 in the studio, and much hotter in front of the glory hole. i have heard from others that they blow in temperature conditions even hotter, but i do not do very well when it is that hot. i did manage to make some pieces, but i never got in the groove. i would make a few pieces, then shut down the glory hole for about 30 minutes to cool off, then turn the glory hole back on and make a couple more pieces. that is what is nice about having a pilot light burner, i can just turn the glory hole on and off like a light bulb. here is a cylinder i made on saturday. it isn't as cylindrical as i wanted, but then i was so hot its good that i could make anything. you can't see it very well, but there is a stripe of rainbow dichroic near the black.
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