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Re: Oil-from-life challenge, April 2019: optional plein air theme!

I see I'm behind on commenting again... end of semester, that's my excuse. Thank you all for your encouraging comments. They are always so insightful and helpful.

And Ronsu, I'm glad to hear you respond to Jane Freilicher the way I do. I've only learned about her recently which seems surprising; hers are just the sort of paintings that I respond to immediately. I really like your after sunset painting--and I like the lumps. It really captures what can be an eery time of day (or night, I guess). I especially like the slight reddishness above the line of trees. It's amazing how light it is at that time where you live! And is there still snow on the ground?

Geoff, I think this portrait turned out beautifully despite your running out of time. She looks as if she's wearing a jester's cap. You could call it "The Jester"; it's artistic license. And I like her faraway, dreamy look, but she also looks as if she could leap into action at any moment, as if you captured her just as she turned around. There's just a lot of movement in the painting which I think is wonderful.

ntl, what a marvelous cereus (and what a name for a plant!). You seem to have captured its shape and curviness. I also like the shadow and desert landscape. Sorry about the heat!

I won't be able to paint a painting a day during May (although it has a nice rhyme) because I'll be at a conference for the better part of next week. But I'll enjoy seeing what others come up with.