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Scavenger Hunt #582: Apr 2 - 10

Posted for Robin, we are sorry to lose her as a host. She posted this about the same time last year.

These are the hunting rules:
- All items must be sketched or painted from life --- no photo references nor from imagination.
- Be as “creative” with the subjects as you want. Multiple subjects in a single drawing/painting is fine. Count them all!
- No time limit on the sketches… as much or as little detail as you wish.
- Any medium is welcomed.
- All items need to be drawn or painted new from the date this scavenger hunt starts.
- No certain order for completion. Number as you go to keep track of how many you've done.
- Feel free to ad a tidbit about the item and/or what made you select it.
- Have fun

Hi Everybody- here's hopin' for fun sketching time.......

Scavenger Hunt #582: Apr 2 - 10

looking from above
looking from below
silhoutte (not necessarily a person or animal)
bottom of something
turned upsidedown
has some kind of a grid
draped cloth
corner of any object
a knob
a pair of___?
sports related
a car
store front
street sign or billboard
a hand holding something
a couch
a handle
a shoe
a selfie
broom or mop
***free space-your pick***
your art space
a sunset
road scape
Jo posting for Robin.
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