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Re: Project Discussion: Painting the Masters ATC Trade

Any medium Ellen and you don’t need to do the technically hardest painters/ styles. Some styles are easier because they were pushing the boundaries of what art can be, instead of just rehashing the very technically difficult traditional style works. If we had been allowed to go past 1923 you would be able to do much “simpler” styles like Mark Rothko for example. You can see that traditional tight styles were slowly becoming looser and artists were play with breaking down the idea of what is art and the idea of playing with the elements of painting even before 1923 though. Those would be the kind of artworks to look to. After that, artists really pushed it further. Eventually, leading to just the qualities of paint itself. Or calling a urinal art. They were challenging the question of “what is art?”.
Here is Mark Rothko. This style is called Colour Field from the 1940s and 1950s.

I will send you some links for some more modern painters that are before 1923.😉
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