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Re: Pretty in Pink

Thanks Lori and Karen and Kay.

I have taken the leaves about as far as I think necessary for now.
I will move onto the background next.

You may note some erasure and changes of leaf position.
I think I have improved the overlap and negative space with these changes.

I felt the lower right corner was too heavy.
I think I have better balance now.

This has been liberating in the sense that I have ignored my reference photo.
I have imagined the lighting on each leaf.
And I have created the veining and leaf shape as I think may look best.

I feel that with this project, I am moving backwards from my normal process.
Normally I like to go dark to light.
But in this case, I wanted to finish the flower first ... which happens to be lightest value in the composition.

So in order to bring this back to my familiar process, I will finalize the background ... then I will go back and finalize the leaves with texture ... and then I will finalize the flower. I am sure that the leaves will ultimately be darker value than shown ... but I need to see the background for visual comparison before I can make that adjustment.

I have tried something different (for me).
I have taped the Stonehenge to masonite sheet.
And I am drawing with the sheet placed on an easel.

The benefit is that I can step back and see my progress with the picture in a good position relative to lighting ... and I can easily move the picture around without fear of bending or creasing the paper.

I have shown some quick trials that I prepared for the background.
I have really struggled to make a decision regarding chroma and value for the background.
I have settled on the middle test piece.

Iíve had a love affair with peonies for some time now.
I just love the timeless, elegance of them; the colours, the impressive blooms and of course the magnificent fragrance. Every garden deserves peonies and every gardener should include them.

Thanks for looking
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