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Re: Favorite workable fixative?

I don't see the "Other" category either, or the Dick Blick fixative which is pretty much like Krylon but about a dollar cheaper per can. I still use that occasionally for isolating layers in other mediums because I have it.

SpectraFix has been my favorite ever since I got the knack of using it. It takes a bit longer to dry and it takes finesse using the pump bottle instead of a canned aerosol spray - but it's worth the effort. My cat doesn't run out of the room when I use it. I'm not destroying my lungs when I use it and don't need to leave my room to avoid toxic fumes.

It doesn't darken the pastels nearly as much - it's taken a while for me to get used to that. Back when I did portraits out in the French Quarter of New Orleans, I used to use fixative to darken the colors and intensify them. I'd work a bit lighter and brighter than intended, liked the way fixative deepened everything and just accented the brightest lights afterward.

I've had to change my style a bit to work with the SpectraFix but it's very cool that my pastel art comes out looking as if I didn't use fixative at all. Enough layers of it will keep sketchbook pages from smudging across the facing page too.

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