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Re: An Invitation to the Gouache Corner

I started out painting with the 8 pan of Prang watercolors when I was just 6 yrs old. As I've grown up I learned to mix my own colors from there. As an adult I've bought tube watercolors, and the little half pans. I'm still a fan of the pans. But my question is what is the difference in gouache and watercolors?? I had done some, all from the same pan set, and a man commented on my "gouache painting. I'm standing there like a dummy, not saying a word, and wondering what he was talking about. Is it that painted, in a heavy paint, watercolor becomes "gouache"?? And "watercolor" is mostly transparent washes?? I though watercolor was watercolor. That's what I'd bought was watercolors. I'm confused, and could use some info. Thanks in advance.
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