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Re: The Incomplete Journals - Resurrected?

Xina, your sketches are incredible. The walk in the rain is exciting, I love the textures you got and those accent strokes that give it an illustration look, hinting at the splashing raindrops. Your still life on the kitchen table rocks, self referential with the sketchbook and pen included. All of them are gorgeous.

I've been keeping up for over six months now with relatively few sick days. The main thing is that I promised myself that even if I felt completely rotten I'd try at least a two minute gesture sketch of my cat (the easiest possible subject since I'm so used to drawing my cat asleep). For you it could be anything you could sketch in under five minutes.

I found it easier to stick to that, even though yesterday I didn't manage to do it and last month there was a day I got sick and disoriented and didn't draw daily. I come close to managing it and often go a whole month without missing a day because I'll do those quick scribbles on bad days. For you it could be busy days when you're distracted.

Also I agree that getting good sketchbooks helps a lot. I love the Moleskine watercolor journals for that. But you do great in these with just pen or pencils! However frustrated you got with the Coloursofts (I think you mean pencil crayons, not crayons as such), they came out beautiful. Keep going, keep posting! Getting comments helps encourage me to do more.

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