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Re: The Incomplete Journals - Resurrected?

Originally Posted by christinemlr
Criky, why do I find it so difficult to get the habit? Xina
I think these pages are delightful!!! And EXACTLY what a fun sketchbook (IMO) ought to have: a smorgasbord of thoughts and ideas, either visual or written. Bravo! I find the key to the whole thing for me personally is to have my sketchbook with me at all times. I keep it and a few favorite pens in my bag that I carry all the time. So if I have an idle minute to sketch or when I see a particularly sketch-worthy person or thing or when I overhear a particularly hilarious conversation or when an idea occurs to me, I can just whip that sketchbook out, on the spot.

It's very much a personal "thing" these sketchbooks, but I hope this advice helps anyway. Keep at it!

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