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Re: The Incomplete Journals - Resurrected?

Xina, your sketches are terrific. As for the old, unfinished sketchbooks, it seems that we all have them. I know I do. I resurrected an old one recently to try working with pen. I think my problem was keeping the sketchbook for too narrow a purpose. I don't seem to have the attention span to use a whole sketchbook for just one purpose.

The sketches in the first sketchbook with the grid are great - especially for someone who was fighting the paper. But the paper problem was probably a big reason that you left that one unfinished. Maybe try using a Micron or a Pitt pen on that one - they seem to work on pretty much anything. If they bleed through it's probably okay since it was cheap paper and you are just trying to use up the book. I would stick to the second one for most of your sketches, whether from life or from your imagination or from photos. It's perfectly okay to combine them.
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