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The Incomplete Journals - Resurrected?

I decided to dig out two journals I started, one two years ago and one started last November. I spent most of my afternoon searching for the old one, but finally unearthed it. It has only 8 pages used

The idea of the book was to buy a really cheap notebook with the squared paper so as not to frighten myself with bare pages in a nice book, and to work from imagination my memories of the day, things done, things seen. I'd never done this before and had no idea if I could actually do this, as I've always had to have something in front of me to draw it. The experiment lasted only about a week or so, and I'm trying to recall what happened, why did I stop? Haven't worked that one out yet. I see it was coming up to the school holidays so that could have got me out of touch with establishing 'the habit'

The paper also was too cheap for anything other than pencil, and even that didn't take very well so I bought coloursoft crayons specially, but they didn't go on very well either, so actually getting something on the paper was quite hard work. I haven't done anything like this since. Now I'm thinking of picking it up again. The little boy is 2 years older now so summer school holidaytime may not be so difficult for me to try again.

I notice I didn't even date this one, but I remember the sudden heavy shower on the way to the library, and the memory remains strong in my mind because of making this drawing.

The November unfinished journal came about after motivating myself by reading Danny Gregory's book 'License to Create' This time I got a notebook with better quality pages so I could work in pen, it didn't bleed too much. This one I kept going for a massive two weeks! then Christmas started looming and I lost the plot. In this book I mostly returned to drawing what I see but there is some internal reflection and quite a bit of writing to myself, which is interesting to look back on now, several months later.

After Christmas I started another one, in a nice Winsor and Newton posh hard spiral, a book that takes watersoluble crayon and gouache to make drawings and paintings, I filled precisely 2 pages. I posted them in a journal thread in the watermedia forum, but that thread seems to have stopped now. So thats the history, and here I am again.

Criky, why do I find it so difficult to get the habit?


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