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Re: Civil War Portraits - The Series

Originally Posted by SparrowHawk7
Have you ever read any of his books? They are somewhat flowery, but that was the style of the day. I have always liked "The Passing of the Armies" about the grand review in DC.

I read "The Passing of the Armies" several years ago and enjoyed it, despite the flowery prose. Nearly lost among the long list of Chamberlain's accomplishments was his support of Gouverneur Warren after Sheridan (with Grant's approval) made the man a scapegoat for Five Forks. It took a lot of courage to do that, Grant and Sheridan being the heros of the day. Still, in fairness to Grant, Warren should never have gotten promoted to Corps command. Very few people could do the job well, and he wasn't one of them. (The same could be said for many Union generals.)
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