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Civil War Portraits - The Series

Since I have decided to do a series of Civil War portraits, JayD suggested I do all in a single thread in order to keep them all together.

I'll start out with a Medal of Honor recipient for his actions on July 2, 1863. More on that as it progresses. Here is about 5 hours of work .. there are many things that need a bit of tweaking here. It is a rather difficult angle as well, but I'll pull it out in the end. The hair is simply something to top his head but isn't anywhere near done as yet. You're going to LOVE the mustache when I get to it.

Joshua Chamberlain was a professor of rhetoric at Bowdoin College in Maine when the war broke out. He was married but had no children. As the war unfolded he wished to enlist but the college refused to allow it. He then applied for a sabatical to study language which was granted and he promptly enlisted in the 20th Maine Infantry Regiment. He was offer the colonelcy but wanted to start lower and learn the job so he started as a lieutenant colonel.

His regiment was assigned to the V Corps of the Army of the Potomac and he saw action in the Battle of Fredericksburg in December, spending a miserable night in freezing cold huddled between dead bodies to protect him from snipers. He missed the winter campaign and Chancellorsville but was on hand in June of 1862 when Lee invaded Maryland for the second time. By then he was the Colonel of the 20th Maine ... and his hour was fast approaching.

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