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Originally posted by ljl56

My confusion is mainly about the fittings required for the two separate regulator situations: one being the external fixed 10psi at the tank source, and the other being inside and adjustable. I'm trying to figure out the flashbacks, etc., etc., (whether I need for each regulator), and also the logistics of the adjustable regulator not being attached to the actual tank.

Only one flashback arrester is needed on propane side, and it needs to be between torch and adjustable regulator, probably at regulator. The one flashback regulator will protect both regulators ( adjustable and fixed) and the propane tank.

Its really not necessary to have arrester on oxy concentrator because there is no large volume of oxygen that is in danger of explosion or contributing to explosion. But IF it makes you feel sale, by all means put one on concentrator , it will not cause any degradation in performance.

As always, check system for leaks, and SAFETY FIRST.

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