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Re: Seejay's January challenge - watercolours

Thanks for the nice comments everyone.

Debby -
If it works, doesn't matter how it looks.
It works quite well, I'm happy.

Jackie -
I wasn't aware you worked in watercolours to that extent.
Nor was I. It's rare that I play with wcs, usually just adding some washes to ink. This is my second book like this, the first one took me seven years to finish! If I fill my book this January it might be a record amount of wc action for me.

Michelle -
Good idea for making your own watercolor book
If I remember correctly there is a project on WC that I used for the first one I made - since then I have taught myself how to sew together the pages. One day I'll move on to doing better covers....

Rainy -
how cool that you were using only two colors.
I often get myself into a mess with colours. I have a copy of a really old book about outdoor wc sketching that I'm finding helpful - the limited palette is a suggested starting point - as you gain experience you add more colours.

Vivien -
you can always cover the card later with fabric or paper
Good ideas, thanks.

Joan -
I especially like the one with the palm trees.
After I did my initial pencil sketch, I said 'what are you doing?' or words to that effect. It looked a bit complicated for my first wc sketch in over two months. Anyway, I think I like it too, glad I persisted. Now I just need to learn when to stop fiddling...


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