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Re: Sketchbook/Art Journal Forum Participation Poll

Jamie - WONDERFUL journal! Thats exactly what I was thinking. Wabbit too!
It doesn't matter what the media is, but the story. Instead of looking through someones photo album or "memory" album you're looking through a journal where the images have been done by the artists hand. They tell a story, a little piece of the life of that person that is somehow so attractive to others to browse through!
I like the idea of each person sticking to their own thread but if comments were allowed by others (and I would hope so) then the pictures would be broken up anyway with the comments between them. Thats if it was done the same way that the forum threads are now....Maybe it wouldn't matter if the pictures were broken up by viewers comments? Afterall, we do that now with WIP's, no reason it wouldn't work for journaling...
I'm still for the journaling forum - hopefully something can be worked out. Like has been suggested, a trial period may not be a bad thing. Good luck :-)

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