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Re: Sketchbook/Art Journal Forum Participation Poll

Sketching and drawing are indeed two very different things, and I have always understood sketching to be a process, either of loosening up for "real work" trying to narrow down an approach, allowing your subconscious mind to find a direction, going in a direction you normally wouldn't otherwise, etc.

A sketchbook can be instructive sketch by sketch, but they always seemed to me most instructive when viewed cover to cover. Given that we're trying to justify a new forum by its uniqueness, this proposal only makes sense to me if each poster starts one thread that becomes, in essence, their virtual sketchbook, always posting only to that one thread, so that we can all enter their sketchbook and flip through it page by page. If people are starting new threads, for each handful of new sketches, then the point of the process is lost, and the sense of continuity, of flow, or the shock of radical change, is lost.

he poster who made the comment about the forum being about format rather than medium is correct, but that sense of format needs to be carried into the forum or it seems to me that there's no point.

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