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Re: Sketchbook/Art Journal Forum Participation Poll

I don't understand some reasons for the new proposed forum, like the ones that go: "watercolours sketches would not be accepted in D&S forum"

Ok, but they are still accepted in the watercolour forum! So, what's the fuss about? Oh no! charcoal sketches won't be accepted in the sculpture forum! Digital art sketches won't be accepted in the pen&ink forum.. ok, but they still have places to be accepted in. So, as criterion, that one doesn't convince me.

Now, is it true that people who thinks sketching is an end in itself, they would very much prefer an all-media sketching forum. That's more reasonable... I just have one additional comment:

As long as posting of sketchings are allowed elsewhere, I don't mind how many forums on sketching you open. I consider sketching not as an end in itself, just a stage to reach something else. Even sculptors do sketch. So, e.g., if I become a sculptor and I want to post a sketch in the sculpture forum, I hope they will not start annoying me with "post it in the sketch forum!" messages, because I consider sketch not that important from aesthetical point of view... just a skill but not an end in itself.

So, good for the sketches lovers, but will I be allowed to post sketches in the other forums still?

PS: As for the poll, I'd not be interested. You can create the forum, but I'll not go there every time I do some sketching... I mean... for me, it's just a sketch!
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