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Re: POLL: Awareness / Concern about Toxicity

My oil palette contains no toxic or heavy metal pigments, not because I am worried about the health effects for myself because I dont eat the paint or breath it in, but I do wash my brushes in the sink and the stuff ends up SOMEWHERE! (I use walnut oil only, no turps or solvents)
So now I am getting into Pastels I am trying to avoid the "bad" ones where I can. I am not fanatical about it but if I have a choice I get the ones certified non toxic. The Polychromos I use are AP certified and Rembrandts contain no toxic or heavy metals. The Polys have some colors named as cadmium or cobalt etc but I wonder if they really are as some are not as lightfast as these pigments should be (middle cadmium red).
Any toxic pastel sold in California must be labeled as such ( CA label) so I avoid those. I dont lay awake nights worrying about such things, From what I've read it's probaly not a big risk, but just in case... Dont want to find out 10 years from now there IS a problem!!