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Re: S&T Wednesday, August 8, 2004

Originally Posted by GardensOnGlass
Pam, I think you're much too hard on yourself. You are, I think (not unlike myself), a perfectionist. That works to a point, but then it becomes a hindrance. Can't tell you how many unfinished projects I have because I'm afraid the finished product won't look like what I envisioned, or that someone will criticize it. I'm not an artist & anything creative that I do do (do do do do ) is a real struggle to bring forth (?, I'm not sure that's the term I want but I'm feeling linguistically challenged today).

You, on the other hand, are an artist. You have amazing creative talent and drive. Your color and design sense are phenominal. Have I boosted your ego enough? Now, have you tried drilling those coral sticks very gently under water with a slow spinning dremel? Perhaps you could get them a tiny bit larger so you can accomodate more passes through?

Thank you for the ego boost Lori <<<hugs>>> Though I don't see how you say the things you say about your work - your work is wonderful - though it's been awhile since you've posted anything, hasn't it???

Perfectionism certainly is not all it's cracked up to be - and I suppose I am - though I never think of myself that way. Good thing I have a stong dose of stubornness to go along with it I guess. Or maybe not? Ug. It is what it is, right?

I was thinking it would be nice to drill a second hole in the sticks - about half way down. But then we come back to my fear of power tools and the fact that I can't seem to locate a drill bit small enough. I bought a little set of drill bits but they are all too big. I would love it if someone could just point me to a link and tell me what I need to purchase. I am so power-tool challenged. Hubby says we have a hand held dremel thing. That's as far as I am there. And do you always hold things under water when you drill?

Thanks again Lori

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