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Re: Scavenger Hunt #586 May 4- 12th

Thanks for the nice welcome back.

Pine Cone, I wish I could have posted in the last few hunts using my sketches from Venice. I'm sure some of them would have worked for items that were listed. Love your bee! He looks strong and capable of miracles. They are such important creatures when you think of all that they are responsible for doing. They keep the rest of us going. I'm glad they survived in Paris too. Keeping them on rooftops of cities is a great idea. More cities should follow that idea.

Jo, thanks so much. Good idea for rain. I should have sketched out my window at any part of the day yesterday since it rained all day...but I was too lazy. Sketching birds is not easy. I did some chickens today but they were in an enclosure so it made it much easier. lol
Joan T
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