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Re: what can mix in2 acrylic paint in order to apply with knives and scrappers any1???

I use heavy bodied paint out of the tube and apply with a knife without any problem. What paint are you using?

If it is a viscosity issue, you can bulk up to some extent by adding sand, marble dust, vermiculite, modelling paste, and so on. But that will alter your colours some. You can treat your acrylics in the same fashion that one does with oils that are too long for knife work. Set the paints out ahead of time on something absorbent and let the water wick away and evaporate.

With oils you don't need to do anything just let it go until it is the consistency you want, either thick enough for impasto strokes as the Dutch painters did, or all the way to pigment and paint with just spirits (Peinture a L'essence) which is what Edgar Degas did to make oils more like his pastel work. With acrylics, it takes a bit more on hand time. You will need to keep the paint mixed so a skin doesn't form a skin. You will end up with a very pasty paint that holds the colour intensity. But you will have to work very quickly. The more vigorous you move it about, the faster it will begin to set.

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