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Re: *Your Hint's and Tips*

If you have a look inside my studio:

You can see some of my solutions to this problem. One drawing board has two 'daylight' tubes on swan necks that extend the working day during the winter months. In the library you can see two cones on stands - these are Bowens Streamlite 530 photographic lighting and each consists of five individually controllable daylight bulbs. Before next winter, I will add a Manfrotto Lykos LED daylight and filter to the collection with which the strength of daylight light can easily be controlled.
Ironically, I am finding in these summer months that I use a semi opaque blind more then I ever did daylight bulbs in winter. The photographic show at the NEC in Birmingham is a godsend as their are a lot of parallels between the needs of photographers and artists.
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