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Re: What are you Working on Today?

I JUST (finally!!) finished a painting today that took 4 months to do and I think it might be...crap....although it's sort of charming in a big dumb way because its on the big side and its a dumb idea. It's well done (for me and my skill level) although it's maybe a tad TOO obsessive. Not sure about ever showing it, although my kid says it's her favorite because it's "not weird or creepy like all your other ones." I don't know, is it weird to take a 2D cartoon image and make it "more real" by turning it into a 3D statue?

Anyway tomorrow, I'm starting a triptych which is inspired by a porcelain sculpture of 2 sumo wrestlers at our local museum. I've always liked them and last time I saw them, I took pictures from each side of the display case. They're only about 12-15" high, not so fat, but very white and shiny. Their hands are in the strangest of places and I'm not sure what to make of their expressions...ecstasy or annoyance or what? Can't wait to start to see how I end up destroying that one.

Don't ask me why I would PAINT a statue but there's something about doing that I find challenging. The last in the series will be (I think) a grid of 9 Goddess Durga faces and then I'm moving into corsets. (Haha) I've been looking at a lot about them lately and I can assure you that the ideas percolating are not the usual sex kitten/lingerie boudoir ones. And I'll leave that...there.
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