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Re: Who are you? I really want to know!!

I have really enjoyed reading everyone's posts here! It's been a little while since I posted at wc, it seems life keeps taking me other places. but I still like to check in now and again. I joined wc a little over a year ago and have learned so much from the folks here on the cp forum - and am still learning! It's nice to see the new folks as well as the familiar names.

So, okay. I am old enough to know the song lyric the title of this thread comes from, probably owned the album at one time! I've been married 24 years and have a nine year old daughter - I was 39 when she was born but I'm not telling my age! Anyway, I am one of those who also has always been an artist, but haven't always been making art. I grew up in Cincinnati and now live in the mountains of North Carolina. I met my hubby in grad school where we were both studying painting. After that I worked in advertising and graphic design, when cut and paste meant scissors and glue. I spent some time teaching art classes part-time at a local community college and the university here. I stopped that to stay home with my daughter and we now homeschool her as well. In the meantime I learned to use graphic design software and started getting free-lance work. And that is what has been keeping my busy lately and away from making art as much as I'd like. But I'm not complaining about making some extra money - that is a good thing.

It wasn't until about 18 months ago that I returned to making art on a regular basis though, after about nine years of not really attempting any kind of art work. And it all started with a set of colored pencils, which led to books on colored pencil drawing and then to wc. Since then I have also started drawing in pastels again and I am trying to learn watercolor and watercolor pencils.

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