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Storage Techniques for W/C

Please move to appropriate forum if this is not it.

Hi. I am an artist, but watercolour is not my forte (I'm an illustrator, figure and portraitist). W/C is my father's forte. He recently moved out of the family home and I took it upon myself to gather, catalogue and archive his works. That's about 750 or so watercolours.

(I plan to produce a limited edition of his 200 or so framed pics to give to friends & family (or sell for the ~$200 production cost), then produce an inexpensive archive of all his works.)

The paintings will need to go into long-term storage soon and I want to ensure they are protected. I'm looking for steps to keep them from molding.

Until a year ago, they're been in my parents' warm, dry basement in a canvas upright port folio. Currently they are in my unfinished basement, which, while full of dust and sawdust, has been recently gutted and then waterproofed. I bought a dehumidifier when I took possession of my father's legacy and it runs 24/7.

I'm not sure where they'll be stored long-term yet. Right now, I'm at the stage where I'm finishing the cataloguing so I've got to start packing them up. Because I'm digitizing them, they won't need to come out of storage until/unless a friend or family picks one from the catalogue.

I am imagining they'll end up in a half dozen sealed bundles or something - maybe boxes - but I'm not sure exactly.
  1. Is there anything I can/should do to treat them individually before I stack them together? Other than a dusting?
  2. Does it matter if I flatten them tight?
  3. Would a sheet of paper between them help?
  4. They are all different sizes. Not sure how I'll handle that, unless they go in some rigid container like a cardboard box.
  5. Should I wrap the bundles/boxes to seal them, or leave them open to breathe?
Could really use some guidance here.
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