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Re: Scavenger Hunt #582: Apr 2 - 10

Thanks so much Jo, EP, and Joe

EP —I enjoyed your sketches. The tea bag and square mug especially caught my attention. It read well and I got it right away, plus the shapes taken all together offered the alternative choice of being enjoyed in a pure abstract way, which was also fun! Thanks for the Thomson/Group of 7 info. I got carried away following your link, and beyond. Fascinating history and amazing art. Poignant history. Thank you again!

J — Does my heart good to see you here, bringing us such vibrant colors and happy faces. Beautifully drawn and richly shaded. Fantastic group, and welcome home!

Joe — Love your grid! Clever idea Plus it reminds me of something, I think from some DVD, but I can't think which one. Now it'll drive me crazy until I can figure it out

Ai — Thank you for your "sign" to us Lovely sketch of emotion — intriguing thoughts and questions to go with. Which of those people are you?
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