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Re: Scavenger Hunt #580 17 March - 25 March

item #4 - smooth

smooth surfaced dolphin pin from Goodwill shop

All my artwork feels like a brand new experiment to me. Every time I start something new it feels fresh and exhilarating. I wanted to try and express that joy.

A few days ago, somebody suggested I watch a short YouTube of some people saving a whale that was trapped by nets and on the verge of death. They freed her and in gratitude she just went absolutely WILD WITH JOY!!!!! She was leaping and doing backflips and slapping the water for an hour near their boat 😃 to say "thank you for freeing me... I'm FREE !!!!!!! I'm ALIVE !!!!!!!"

So I thought of that whale's joy when I was looking through my stuff for this event. Dolphins seem so joyful and playful to me... and that's exactly how I feel every single time I paint. I don't care if I struggle. And it may or may not turn out in a way that's pleasing to me. I don't care. Because it's always, each time, a fresh, fun, exhilarating experiment, trying something new, striving for something different... a wonderful journey with no clue where it might lead!!!!!

With this one, I can see at least five things I would like to fix, but can't right now. And I don't care. It was still gobs of fun to do!!!


iPad Pro, Apple Pencil.

Procreate app for the sketch and partial border.

Art Studio Pro app for the crop, downsize, and export.


Virtual acrylic on virtual panel.

Freehand, no drafting tools or tracing, digital or otherwise.

No grid or smoothing or symmetry or cloning, digital or otherwise.

No digital filters or effects. No digital color intensification or exaggeration.

Reference located a few inches away.
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