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Re: Scavenger Hunt #580 17 March - 25 March

Tried posting last night but I had no luck. Hope this goes through.

Joe - Thank you. Sorry the weather is keeping the moon out of view for you. I saw it this morning when I was doing my very early morning 6:30 walk with friends. Love that graphite sketch of the pliers.Your shading is impressive. Nice juicy looking tomato you've got there. Up here we just have the hothouse tomatoes and they aren't even worth looking at for me. lol

Jo, the cherubs showed up just in time! Nice still life and I'm glad you had a large bird to sketch.

Pine Cone, thanks so much! That looks awesome!!! I love the halo around the moon. You have more than enough detail...besides they always tell artists to squint to get rid of some of the detail. You had a point that we only see the end result of each person's art and don't really know if they struggled to get that result or if it came easy. Most of us never say one way or the other.

EP, the shamrock tights were a fun addition to the girl's outfit. Cute penguins. A friend of mine just came back from a cruise to Antartica and she sent back so many photos of the penguins she saw. They are such cute creatures.

Kat, your tomato looks yummy. Love the leaves on the sprout. Nice to see your sketches from the last hunt.

I did this still life at my painting group yesterday. Sadly the luscious tomatoes were not mine. My friend had been in Florida and brought them back with her.

5 - oblong (banana) - watercolors
6 - veg/fruit (tomato)
7 - smooth ceramic pitcher
8 - substitute for flute (bagpipe) - watercolors and ink
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