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Re: Scavenger Hunt #569 Dec. 19-27, 2018

EP - Hands drawn with non-dominant hand are amazing.

Ai - Pointsetta is pretty. The shading on the hand and brush really caught my eye. Nice work. Love the landscapes! Pictures of painting with the subject always make me appreciate your skill even more. The plumeria is one of my fav flowers.

Jo - great pen work on hand and tube.
Like how you handled the pine branches over the presents.

Robin - beautiful pen work as always. The ukulele foreshortened is impressive to say the least and is my fav of all BUT the unusual stack is close second. Realizing how I have missed your ink sketches…and now you wax philosophic as well.

Joan - Holidays have a way of eating up time. Glad you are back with us. Great collection. The cathedral is the show stopper. The angel ornament made me smile too.

9 - Nice pen work. Had to be hard to keep from at least taking a bite out of the subject. Laughed when I saw your later comment.

Keep sketching
“The act of art can be so relaxing after you get over yourself.” - Qouting Robin
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