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Re: WDE January 1st 2015 - IMAGES

What would one of my WDE's be without a vanity shot of ME??? LOL. This was taken as we were heading out deep sea fishing. Take note of the bling earrings. I found these earrings in the US priced from $266 down to $60. Hello!!! I love diamonds

This man rode the beach with his posse of horses to temp all us city dwellers to go ride with him. I opted out of the ride (those horses kept running into the water with passengers!!) and took photos for all my horse loving WDE'rs

This is like a bonus double photo. All the swimmers in the surf (crazy people, that water just about killed me on shore. I rolled around and around in those waves) And that Party Boy party boat. Free booze and loud music on the open ocean! FUN? Maybe 20 years ago.

This pelican was at the fishing boat when we got to the marina and was back there when we docked. I just love these birds!!
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