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A Fist Full of Pencil Shavings

Hi all,

Over the past few years, my sketchbooks have mostly been sat on a shelf gathering dust. I think I've only picked up a pencil once or twice so far this year, but I recently received two more sketchbooks as birthday gifts to add to the pile. I figure the friends who gave me new books will at some point inquire as to what I've been filling them with, and I don't like the idea of having to respond in a shame faced manner.

I guess opening up my pencil wrap, because of a feeling of guilt, isn't the best reason to start sketching again; but so far it's proved to be somewhat successful. Hopefully I can get back into a regular groove and, maybe, even get to the end of one or two sketchbooks by this time next year. Fingers (and pencil extenders) crossed.

Along with my two new sketchbooks (16x21cm Fabriano Ingres softback two tone journal & Reeves A4 hardback), I'll also probably be switching between two super smooth Sterling Publishing archival 22x28cm hardbacks (one I bought with the idea of using solely for maritime studies), and a bunch of other cheap sketchbooks that I've picked up but so far only partially filled.

Here's my first opening offerings to the graphite gods...

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