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Re: How many artists make a living from art?

I checked on line and they come up with some ridiculous answers like college students just starting out $25 an hour. I think my figuring is closer,

First about 10 years ago when art was good I read a book in the library that had wages said the average artist earns $2000 annual. Dont liet that worry you.

Jack White has a 20 80 rule 20% of the people make 80% of the income. to average 1 out of 5 would earn 8000 the other 4 500 annual. I wouldnt call Sandi a hobby artist but more like a part time artist that has another job to work most arent going to have time for a 40 hour work week. And figure marketing time not painting time. Some are only going to sell a few times a year so $500 is good if you only go to two shows. thats $250 a day
using that formula 1 out of 5 of those making 8000 would make 32,000 a year. That would be 1 out of 25 artists. Many of those have spouses or galleries helping. One of my friends sells prints and her husband goes with her to the farmers market 1/2 day each week he sells his prints and does all the on line work and they make more than $2000 a year.

The top 1% or 2% should do quit well.

there are other factors if I were to pick on Sandi's $5 an hour. most people spend 25 to 30% family wages on houseing, another on other bills. A working person has gas to get to work money for a baby sitter. If her studio is in her home.

Any business person cannot live from paycheck to pay check, My neighbor farmers budget one or two years. pay cash for there seed and when the crop is in put it into a cd until time to plant.

I could live supper great on $5 an hour. if It was me I was supporting but supporting a family If you kid doens't say I need to borrow $15,000 because I forgot the house payment this year. Make that 4 kids and a husband. I'll pay you back $20 a month. Then they say until you start making money you can buy cheap brushes or I can paint over my painted canvas so I don't need to buy more. thats not as bad as it is when you go to write a check for product and discover your account is empty. but thats not as bad as discovering they maxed out your credit card you use to buy product, $5 would support me but $50 an hour wouldn't support my family

I hope this helps you.